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Bryan Wairegi is a pupil at Royal Brains Academy and has the enviable achievement of being an author at only seven years old.


Many children have dreams of who they want to be at a young age. Some want to be doctors or engineers, while others want to be footballers, musicians or artists.

As a parent, it behoves you to facilitate and help your child realise their dreams early in life. While education is a critical aspect of every child’s present and future, there is a tendency to overlook other angles of the holistic growth of children.

Indeed, many of us may identify with this, when performing well in school meant everything and one was termed a failure in life if they did not bring excellent results at the end of the term. Thankfully, many parents have come to a realisation that there is so much more to life and a child’s growth than academic excellence only.

Meet Bryan

The first young lad to grace our platform and one we truly celebrate for an amazing milestone at such a young age is Bryan Wairegi. He is a pupil at Royal Brains Academy and has the enviable achievement of being an author at only seven years old.

He enjoys reading and playing golf and football. His favourite subjects in school are Mathematics, English and Kiswahili.

He also loves reading the storybooks that his parents buy him.

Bryan’s trip to their farm in Naivasha inspired him to write his first book – A visit to the farm.


He loved to see the different animals there and watch how they lived on the farm. In his notebook that he had with him, he wrote down all the things he observed and wrote some ideas of stories he was thinking about. His father, an author himself, encouraged him to write about his experience at the farm. That is how the book was born.

Bryan put down his thoughts for his book, and with the help of his parents, he succeeded in publishing it.

It was an exhilarating experience for him to sell his first copy of the book to the headteacher of his school!

We at Fanisi Creations celebrate the creativity, talents and natural abilities that have been and continue to be discovered in children like Bryan, as proof that there are precious gems in each person waiting to be discovered and nurtured early in life.

Bryan wants to write more books. A visit to the farm is just the beginning. He has many more ideas that he is still developing.

“If you read many books, you will be able to succeed in writing,” Bryan advises.

He encourages children to do the things they like and try out different ideas. They may just be surprised at how much good can come out of it!

Take action

What are some of the unique giftings you have observed in your child(ren) beyond school education that you believe they are endowed with?

Write to us and let us know who else we can feature on our platform to celebrate the uniqueness in each one of them!

Bryan’s books are available from the publisher -Big Books, Books First and at Quickmart Supermarkets.

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