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Ng’ang’a, an accomplished author and journalist, is actively involved in the lives and activities of his sons, Kevin and Bryan.


Many parents envision their children embracing mainstream careers such as law, working in the medical field or pursuing the scientific world. However, not every child can fit in these careers as today’s world has unlimited opportunities to explore and venture. 

Schoolwork and good grades are important, but your child may be talented in other interests besides classwork. As a parent, you can identify your child’s strengths and encourage them in that direction. 

With the rising number of children embracing emerging pursuits that end up being lifelong careers, parents are joining the bandwagon to support their children achieve their dreams and goals.

Two weeks ago, we featured Bryan Wairegi with the enviable achievement of being an author at only seven years old. Today, we meet his father Ng’ang’a Mbugua. 

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Ng’ang’a, an accomplished author and journalist, is actively involved in the lives and activities of his sons, Kevin and Bryan. He strives to offer support and encouragement as they grow up, to steer them towards a holistic development. 


Bryan’s first book, A Visit to the Farm, was published with the help of his parents. A visit to their farm in Naivasha inspired the writing of his book. Ng’ang’a had a lot of questions for his son to open up his mind and guide him through his storytelling journey.

“Every time the children go to Naivasha on holiday, they usually spend a lot of time with their uncle. I provide an exercise book and ask them to write a story of their experience,” he says.

“As the stories are taking shape, I ask them what names they want to give the characters and how they want the story to flow. I engage them in a discussion that stirs their thinking,” Ng’ang’a adds.

Young, growing minds need discipline and support for steady growth and development. Even with inborn talents and skills, children need someone who can hold their hand and encourage them in nurturing these abilities. Ng’ang’a understands that he needs to facilitate the process of discovery and continues to play his part. 

He buys his sons storybooks and other materials they require to pursue their interests and even tags them along for events such as book fairs and donating literacy materials to institutions like children’s homes. 

Simply put, as a parent, he has created a conducive environment for his children to thrive in whatever they desire to pursue in life. It goes a long way to show that age is not an excuse for whatever pursuit one desires to go after and that with proper guidance and support, our children can achieve whatever they seek, even from a young age. 

We cannot wait to hear more from other children and parents and look forward to hearing from those that are yet to grace our posts!

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